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HardTalk News provides online news coverage for FreedomX, Etcetera, Web Developer and HardRider Motorcycle magazines. With over 25 years of experience in each of these fields, it is our goal to provide a deep dive into current issues providing unbiased and technical news stories. We report these stories separately, independently produced for your viewing. One subscription gets you access to all.

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reports on main issues regarding sweeping changes of over regulation and loss of freedom, so you have a consolidated news source with unbiased reporting, which we feel is important because much of mainstream news is spun for their own financial backers. Western democracy has become vulnerable because of out of control governments that seems hell bent on taking away our freedoms. FreedomX will report and pull late breaking news on the status of government actions and report to our subscribers. Our rights are being attacked at every level of government. We all have to act together to have our voices heard on all issues for this generation and those to come.


A muse of things. A collection of thoughts and ideas from a wide range of subjects and real or not they are anything but interesting. So lighten your day with a short read that may lift your spirits and dazzle your mind. Is that too much - dazzle? Well, in any case we hope that Etcetera will offer some relief to the drizzle we hear on the news each and every day, more than we want and certainly more than we need.

Web Developer
will report on helpful tools and services for small to medium size businesses in the area of web development, cloud deployment, cloud offices and digital technologies for business. Businesses of all kinds are in a fight for survival as business models have changed and new tools are needed to reach and expand new areas of growth. Web Developer will address this including indepth benefits and technical information on the huge movement to cloud offices and how this is saving many mid size businesses. We will discuss growth tools like SEO, Google Analytics, backlinking, social media and much more.
HardTalk News and partner, is an award winning recipient in web development and web design.

provides a wide variety of information for motorcycle enthusiasts that is anything but mainstream. Our information delves into performance news, products, services and lots of videos for your enjoyment. Behind the scenes you will find a magazine, free classifieds section and free motorcycle manuals. Our estore has products like nitrous kits, superchargers, turbo kits, parts, accessories and a wide variety of merch. Our information will be hard and helpful as it applies to more assertive motorcycle riders and not the typical magazine that reports on new models and new jackets.
HardTalk News and partner HardRider Motorcycle have a vast experience in the motorcycle community with over 219,000 readers and dealers in over 10 countries. HardRider Motorcycle ships worldwide.

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